Meet The Team

Luke Stone

Luke hails from Lennox head on the far north coast of New South Wales, but as of the last 7 years has called Newcastle, NSW home. He is from a large family of boys, being one of 6 boys in his family. He enjoys Australian Rules football (self-admitted Richmond tragic), surfing and of course, his chosen profession, Chiropractic.

Luke is a Chiropractor with over 8 years’ experience, and has travelled the world extensively obtaining post graduate qualifications in paediatric Chiropractic (Children), sports chiropractic (sprains/strains of the entire body), and corrective Chiropractic care (Posture correction and scoliosis).

His passion comes from watching families and people of all ages thrive under chiropractic care, “from the womb to the tomb”, keeping the body functioning at its best, by facilitating the body’s inborn ability to heal itself.

“My role is to help the people of our community stay upright and active, doing the things they love, well into their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. I’m absolutely wrapped to be here, and can’t wait to meet you all”.

Sam Gill 

Originally from the Northern Beaches, Sam was first introduced to chiropractic after suffering recurrent sporting injuries and digestive imbalances. The changes in both his sports performance and overall wellbeing inspired him to study chiropractic.

After graduating with both a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Master of Chiropractic degree from Macquarie University, Sam spent the next 3 years gaining international experience in practices across Scotland and Denmark. Sam went on to further study in Applied Kinesiology, Neuro-emotional Technique and Sacro-occipital Technique, looking deeper into the impact of physical, chemical and emotional stressors on the body.

Sam now has 10 years of experience.

“I find that having an integrated approach to facilitating optimal health and function, really helps achieve greater balance in our nervous system, body and lives.”