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Meet The Team


Dr Rebecca Kara (Chiropractor)  Rebecca is all the way over from sunny Nelson in the top of the South Island in New Zealand. She grew up on orchard with a handful of livestock; loves nature and netball. She is passionate about helping people to live the best life possible through chiropractic. Dr Rebecca decided to study chiropractic after a car accident in 2008, where she had tried everything else to be the fun-loving
active person she was before. After the accident she was experiencing blackouts, vertigo, lack of concentration as well as the physical issues of whiplash and compression fractures, and chiropractic got her back on the road to recovery and then living the best life she could imagine.

Your body has an amazing inborn ability to heal itself and under the right conditions and time you too can have more freedom with the help of chiropractic.


Dr Andrew Iggo (Chiropractor)  Dr Andrew grew up in Christchurch, NZ. He graduated in 1994 from RMIT University, having published peer research literature in his final year of study. 29 years in practice has seen Andrew travel the world and work in Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and from Broome to Melbourne in Australia. Andrew tries to create a balanced lifestyle that includes a focus on personal fitness, the great outdoors and competitive sport. Dr Andrew has special interests in performance enhancement for the serious AND not-so-serious athlete, and loves adjusting the littlest family members so that they can grow and develop into vibrant, healthy teens and adults. 

Andrew will be our locum while Dr Rebecca is away on some well-deserved leave, and will be available in clinic from September 17th until October 20th, 2023.

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