Meet The Team


Daniel Jessop (Chiropractor)

Dr Dan Jessop is a Chiropractor with a particular focus on patient education, recovery and wellness. Dan’s philosophy is that health care shouldn’t be difficult and that a proactive approach to health leads to the best results in all aspects of life.


Dan grew up in the South West of WA, where he spent his school days in Bunbury and weekends playing sports, at the beach and outdoors with family and friends. It was at this time that he developed a love for movement and all the benefits of being able to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. 


He came to Chiropractic as a teenager and not only did this help him become successful during his sporting career but was also a major factor in his overall health.


Dan takes genuine care and consideration with all his patient’s individual needs. He uses a holistic approach that includes assessing other lifestyle factors that may be leading to poor outcomes. Gentle movement, stretches and targeted exercise are often incorporated in his specialised exercise programs.