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Meet The Team

Themis Christodoulou - white bckgrd.jpg

Themis Christodoulou (Chiropractor) originates from Sydney. Upon graduating from Macquarie University in 2004 he decided to move to Scotland. Themis has practiced most of his career in Glasgow and Edinburgh, enjoying travelling around Europe in his down time. 

Themis is committed to enhancing the health and well being of his patients through gentle and precise Chiropractic care and offering advice about exercises and nutrition. He has experience in treating people of all ages with a variety of conditions. Themis has a keen interest in sports injuries and has treated many well known professional athletes in rugby, football, basketball, athletics and golf. He has also trained further to help patients during pregnancy and also babies and kids who may also benefit from Chiropractic. Themis will thoroughly examine you to ensure you are in the right place. Treatment, if necessary, will be conducted gently, safely and accurately to allow your body to recover as quickly as possible. He combines soft tissue work, stretching and Chiropractic adjustments to both the spine and extremities.

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